Allan Ishac

I was going to send you a note about this very thing. It seemed like you were having to explain satire to venting readers in your past few posts and it was bumming me out. But, I think you did it very graciously. Each time, you responded in a humorous way, shined a little light on what they misunderstood, did a little soft shoe, and then invited the guest to step onto the Michael Moore welcome mat, where there’s room for everyone. They seemed to respond in a less combative tone and went away happy. It was like watching a magician or a diplomat. I was going to throw in court jester, but didn’t want to denigrate what you are doing. ha ha. Angry, anxious readers are like lit matches looking for a pile of leaves. The fact that you are able to make us laugh AND diffuse combustible readers is a real gift. My hat’s off to you.

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