Jeff, thanks for sharing and providing such a great insight in the challenges and execution of your…
David Shastry

I agree, writing good content for the system is probably just as difficult, if not more so, than figuring out how to organize it. We don’t have this part figured out yet. That might be another thing to share once we do.

Sharing and finding design work is getting to be a challenge as our team grows and other business units start creating their own design teams. There are other design sharing solutions out there from Invision and, but all these solutions keep the design assets on their servers which our lawyers don’t much care for. So I am building our own. It will have a liking system and commenting of course. You gotta get those likes.

We anticipate developers forking our UI components repos and adding functionality. Pull requests will likely be an avenue to expand the design capability of certain patterns. We don’t have a formal process for this yet.

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