This is a double edged sword…
Don Lindell

True, but I would argue that the purpose of a design system is to be a user manual of sorts. We want our software to appear and behave as if it was created by one team, even though in reality it was created by separate teams working independantly within a large organization. Consistency has a value, a value that is probably under appreciated.

The design system is a set of guides, perhaps rules, if followed exactly could lead to the scenario you describe. But don’t discount the intelligence and creativness of great designers and developers who know when to break the rules and pave their own path. I tried to get make the point in the article that no pattern, whether it is a Principle or a Feature, will fit 100% of use cases. It is here when your product team needs to be able to step up and create something new and amazing… and then contribute it back to the design system.

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