A Charge & A Dab To 2016 Grads

Graduates of 2016, Your World Awaits. Here are 10 Things To Remember As You Begin Your New Journey.

  1. It’s Your World. Don’t just exist in it, bring it to life with your life. You got this!
  2. The world needs you. You are significant. You are the solution to the worlds problems. You are the advancement of the World’s good.
  3. Trust yourself. Greatness & Goodness are in your DNA.
  4. Build from what has been but make what will be uniquely you.
  5. The World is full of opportunity, brilliantly disguised as problems and challenges. See the best in the world, in others, and in yourself.
  6. It’s your time to leave your mark. Do more than we did. Go further than what we could.
  7. At all cost, live peaceably with all men.
  8. Look for good and you will find it. Look for evil and it will appear. Cultivate the goodness in the world. Help others along the way
  9. Leave your World better than you found it.
  10. Your World awaits. Go make your mark! Believe! Raise the bar. It’s your turn now! (Dab!)

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