Absolutely agree’ish.
Luke Woolley

Luke — thank you for sharing. I like your “agree’ish” word.

Now that you’ve taken step one :-) Find the motivation to keep pulling away from your 9–5 that you hate so much.

I remember being called in the office for my annual review years ago at the company I was working for. With baited breath I waited through 45 minutes of hearing what a “wonderful employee” I was, only to be told I was getting a .$60 p/hr raise. $.60 p/hr, and the worst part was my employer thought that was really good.

I held back my own vomit, walked out of that office and swore I would never work for anyone ever again. At the time I was “really good” for my employer, really bad for myself. I went to work harder on myself than I did on my job, and within 9 months built up my speaking and coaching company and resigned from that company. I’ve never worked for anyone else again!

“Employee mentality” is a HUGE reason we stay employed.” It takes a lot of effort to transition from employee to self-employed, but it’s possible. There are more people taking the leap out of the 9–5 window than ever before.

I don’t know you, but I know this about you — you have what it takes or you wouldn’t be reading what you're reading.

Contentment isn’t curious. Satisfaction does not seek. The very fact you are reading the posts, responding to them, tells me there is a seeker in you — one who knows they were designed for more, you’re just trying to find out how bring it to life.

You can do this!