Monday Morning Motivation: Don’t Shrink Back

Monday Morning Motivation: “Don’t Shrink Back.”

Don’t Shrink Back — You’ve gotten this close to the opportunity of a lifetime before, but for some reason you shrink back. This time push past where you stopped the last time and you will go further than what you’ve ever gone.

Shut off all outside voices and act from within. Trust that you are who you need to be to be able to take full advantage of this opportunity that lies before you. If not, you will find yourself here again. In another day, a year, or another thousand years, you will be here again. Because ‘here’ is preparing you for ‘there.’

‘There’ is on the other side of ‘here.’ Just one step forward, just one decision, separates you from here and there; from where you’ve been and where you were designed to, and want to, be. Risk it all. There is nothing to lose.

When Life presents you with an opportunity of a lifetime, follow this one simple instruction: Don’t Shrink Back!