People eat carbs for the same reason they have unprotected sex: it feels better.
Becca Frasier

@becca If you equate unprotected sex to feeling good with added risk of consequences, then yes, carbs may make you feel good with added risk. However, I think you can enjoy unprotected sex without risk (marriage, committed relationship, etc..), and equally not eat carbs and feel great about all kinds of amazing food choices and do so without risk.

I think people eat carbs because the industrial food supply has cheap, government subsidized corn sugar in almost every single processed food item on the planet. What was originally designed to ensure that hunger, and malnourishment was no longer a part of our society has turned into the most pervasive and costly health problem our society will ever see. We most certainly do not feel better when our bodies are taxed and conditioned to crave empty calories, which in turn make us obese, feel bad, and are a huge tax on productivity, the health system and our well beings.

However, a lot of food, and particularly “home cooking” foods are tied to many of the emotions we have developed in our most formative years. So, that pasta dish, particular rice preparation, stuffing, home baked bread, biscuits, cake, cookies, deserts, or candy all have an emotional tie to our earliest moments and relationships relating to our parents, grandma, or loved ones, and align with early reward systems and feelings of love. It’s hard to not eat that warm pie that my mom makes, when every bite reminds me how much love she put into making it for me. Not eating it is denying myself love.

So, eating carbs = unprotected sex = love from your mom. That is formula for a greek tragedy that doesn’t end well for anyone. : )

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