Why I Quit Consulting

And the rise of design founders. 

Jeff Domke
Nov 23, 2013 · 2 min read

For many years I did terrible 1.0 web design. Then I worked for some giant branding agencies. I helped big brands turn their new product concepts into designed, built, market-ready products on the shelf. Once or twice, these products became multi-million dollar businesses. For years I couldn’t reconcile the massive value I created at the product level, with the microscopic rewards of a design consultant. I couldn’t make peace with this “value-disconnect”.

Next, I created my own one man design agency. I hustled and found some clients. I charged a ton and made their apps look fancy. I was getting closer, but the value disconnect stuck with me, quietly annoying me, as I built my business up, but ultimately towards nothing.

A few years later and I’ve launched a few products as a design founder, been to a startup incubator, failed a bunch and learned a ton. And I’ve met hundreds of designers on the same path. They’ve realized good design thinking equals good entrepreneurial thinking. They’ve realized that they can cut out the clients, build the same products, capture all the value and improve the world — all on their own terms.

And this pattern is the rise of design founders. I hope you’ll join us.

We are here: http://designfounders.com

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    Jeff Domke

    Written by

    Product @ Blockstack. Product leader. UX/UI designer. Built several startups from ground-up as founder, first hire, or first product designer.

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