Paper boats made from the pages of books

“You should do something with that,” they say. “I’m going to bring you a magazine you could submit it to.”

Social media writing disorients my friends. It’s not enough to like my pieces here on Medium. They want to put them someplace — at least on a blog.

Well I hate my blog: It’s lonely there.

Medium launches my essays like tiny paper boats, folded from pages of a book, their journeys part of their stories. Think of it as creative riding.

It is the writing I enjoy most right now, no doubt because of a gloriously romantic lack of commitment. Medium is my portable typewriter! Catch my next page as I fling it into the air.

That’s the way creativity wants to be.

Nailing down information is increasingly difficult these days, ever since those people on the internet blew up old media — particlized it, like the Impressionists’ dots.

You should “do something with” that song, you can tell an emerging artist, like put it on an album, or at least on the radio. Well who buys albums and listens to the radio anymore?

And just as there is free-range media, essays and songs crowing to be fried up and devoured, there are hungry social media audiences licking their chops with napkins dickied beneath their chins.

What do we serve them? Dreariness. How To Create Engaging Social Content is a grueling recipe gray with a sloppy rehash. Saying we should do something more with good social writing, music and art also suggests we clear the decks of social media from anything intrinsically beautiful.

So what if this is a chicken wing and not a chicken dinner? Now you have room for more.

“Do something with” this writing? You just did:

You read it.

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