Are you settling for GOOD instead of going for GREAT?

John D. Rockefeller said, “Don’t be afraid to give up the good to go for the great.”

We’ve all heard this before, right?

I’ve got a buddy of mine and his name is Nate Ridgeway. He inspires me to go ALL OUT because he is literally working on running a hundred mile marathon. I don’t think it’s call a marathon. It’s like an ultra-mega grand poohbah run!

For me, to run like three or five miles is kind of big task for me! For a lot of us maybe just a mile! But the thing is is like when I started talking to him about about this, I kept thinking “This is crazy!”

Here’s my point:

That literally stretched my mind of what’s really possible. First of all, because I know him. And to think that he’s going to do a hundred mile run inspired ME to do better!

The question I want to ask you is….what are you settling for? Could you be doing something way better than what you’re doing it right now? Could we be a way better person than we are right now? Well, probably yeah, but there are some of us, and I’m talking to you right now, that you’re doing better than 90 percent of the people out there, but that’s not your best.

See we need to better our best. See we’ve got to beat ourselves what we did yesterday or the day before, and so this comparing ourselves to other people sometimes if you have the right mindset could inspire you, but also it’s kind of making some of us comfortable because some of us are talented.

Maybe we’re really great at so many things so we just kind of “coast”.

I’m here to tell you….don’t coast! You have to constantly challenge yourself because if you just rely on talent for the rest of your life, I’m telling you people are going to catch up. The world needs to see the best you possible.

That is why I’m constantly going to seminars and reading books and listening to MP3s and podcasts and all kinds of stuff. Why? Because I want to keep on getting better. Why? Because you know what, if I can help you the leader and you’ve got a team whether it’s in the office or a sales team or whatever that is, if I can help the leader, then the leader gets better. Guess what? The team gets better, and that’s all I want to do. So don’t settle for you think where you’re at right now and that’s doing good. Let’s go to the next level.

Now some of you might say, well Jefferson, hold on a second. I worked really hard to get to this point. Well, that’s fine! And when you get to a level that you’re happy with, you can celebrate that. You want to integrate that into your being, into your molecules of your body like integrate that, and now that’s your new baseline. That’s where you live, okay, but if that becomes your new baseline, where do you go from there? Do you just stay there? You see, there’s always another level.

I think us as human beings we have to keep on shooting forth and growing because I think one of the pillars of happiness for us as human beings is progress. We want to know that we’re progressing in some direction, right, and so once again I’m just here as kind of Uncle Jefferson to say hey, look, we’re doing great. You might be doing great, but could we even be doing better, and get ready to prepare to do that another launch that you’re going to do to the next level of where you’re going to go. So if you just achieved it, hey celebrate you know for the next couple of days or a week or so, right. Then you’ve got to be thinking about what is pick your next goal. What is that going to be? Okay.

So with that said, you know, what is your next level for you? Comment below. I want to hear what you’re talking about. I want to hear what you’re thinking, and if this video helped you think or kind of uncover some of the things maybe you’ve already been thinking about. Maybe I just articulated a little bit more for you to help you kind of bring it down to brass tacks, right.

So comment below. I look forward to helping you arrive at your next intended destination healthy, wealthy and happy.