I was just chatting with one of my friends — actually, my wife and a couple of my friends over here. We were taking about the little things that make the big difference. I think that’s really important. We were talking about baseball players. You have one player that bats a .325. Then you have another player that bats a .350, and the difference in the amount of their contracts are millions of dollars. As a matter of fact, the person that bats .350 versus .325 could be over $10 million dollars difference in their contracts. Why am I saying this? I’m saying this because there’s a lot of us that are out there, that we look at someone who’s achieved so much — obviously, we see people on social media, which is a curated highlight reel of their life, and we’re trying to compare that to our everyday life, or whatever, to reality, and it’s obviously not the same.

The champions that win the big money, the champions that win the races, the champions that win big at life are just doing a little bit more. They’re doing things a little bit more in excellence. They’re paying a little bit more attention to detail. They’re taking a little bit more notes when they’re learning at a seminar. They’re applying it a little bit more. It’s those things, and when you collectively compound those things, it makes a huge difference over time. So, I just want to challenge you, and just remind you today — I’m just a big reminder. That’s all I am. You already know this stuff, but I’m just a big reminder, reminding you today that you need to push a little bit harder to make just a little more difference. Just push a little bit more. The difference between excellence and outstanding is like 2 millimeters — just a little bit. It’s just a little bit. So, today, go out there and just do a little bit more. Go out there and push a little bit more. When you’re working out, just push a little bit more. Get an extra rep in. Don’t hurt yourself — make sure you get somebody to spot you — but you know what I’m talking about.

I want you to have that mentality of “a little bit more.” One more phone call. One more presentation. Read a couple more pages of the book. Listen to five more minutes of the personal development audio book, or the sermon, or whatever you’re doing. Just a little bit more.

That’s going to make a big difference. If you collectively compound that over time, I’m telling you, your life’s going to be different, but you’ve got to get started today doing that, alright? Look forward to seeing you guys soon.

Author of the bestselling book Higher Life Design

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