How to develop an attitude of excellence

I’d like to ask you a question:

Where in your life have you been doing less than your best?

Today I want to talk to you about having an attitude of excellence. A lot of us, including myself, have done things where we say, “Oh, that’s good enough. I’ll do fine there.” When you really think about it, if you’re flying in an airplane, wouldn’t you want those people that built the airplane to build it in excellence? Think about that for a second. What other areas of our life have we been not playing excellent at?

One of my good friends Bo Eason played in the NFL for many years as a defensive back. In the middle of his career he got traded over to the San Francisco 49ers. Bo is the kind of guy where he always wakes up early, and he always woke up earlier than everybody else. He would also get on the practice field and in the weight room before everybody else, but his first day of practice for the 49ers, things changed. He went out there early before anybody, but there was one guy already out there before him. You know who it was?

Mr. Jerry Rice.

One of the top receivers in the entire NFL history. He really observed that, and he saw that he was already in a full sweat working out before anybody even got there. Bo told me about Jerry’s work ethic. For instance, when they would go out for some little slant patterns, the other players would just jog and not really think much of the drill. They would just trot, catch the ball, and get back in line.

But when Jerry got to the front of the line, things changed. He got in his stance, looked at the quarterback, and all of a sudden…..BOOM! He would hit the three-step slant, catch the ball, tuck the ball, look at the end zone, and SPRINT towards the end zone.

Sometimes they were practicing on the 50-yard line, and he would run 50 yards to the end zone. Sometimes they would practice on the opposite 20-yard line, so he’s running 80 yards to the end zone. Every time he caught a practice ball, he went crazy and sprinted down to the end zone. Everybody else, when they got up, they’re just lackadaisical, doing their thing, but Jerry is the one going full out in practice. He was doing things in excellence. Bo goes up to Jerry, and he’s like, “Dude, what’s going on, man? Why are you going full speed every single practice pass to the end zone?” He goes, “Simple. Every time my hand touches this football, every molecule in my body knows it needs to end up in the end zone. That’s it.” Bo was like, “I get it.”

When I hear that, I think: Where in our life are we not running all the way to the end zone?

I need to hear this too. Part of these videos that I do is so I can hear them again, because I need to be reminded of this stuff, to do things in excellence. Are we doing things in excellence at our job, in our career? At home, with ourrelationships? Where are we falling short, and really not going all the way up to excellence, and doing things in excellence.

Even making your bed, even straightening up the kitchen. Even how your car looks on the inside. Even maybe how you put yourself together in your outfit when you go to work or when you’re going somewhere. It’s that little extra 30 seconds to a minute of time to make sure whatever you’re doing is in excellence.

I think that today could start that day. Maybe you’re like, “Hey, you know what? I’ve got some areas in my life I’ve been pretty excellent at, but these couple of areas, I haven’t.

Another one of my friends and mentors, Joe Polish, always says “be willing to destroy anything in your life that’s not excellent”. That’s an over the top mindset, but think about that. What if you tried that on for a little bit? What if you were willing to destroy anything in your life that is not excellent? Think about the raising of the bar that you’re doing.

You see, there’s always a better version of ourselves. The challenge is COMMITTING to become that better version!

At the same time, one of the worst things you can do is try to be perfect. There was only one guy that was perfect. It was Jesus Christ, and he died on the cross. Let’s do things in excellence.

That airplane you’re riding on, the car that you’re driving, or whatever thing that you’re doing, I hope that that person that built it did it in excellence, right? Let’s go through life like that, and do things in excellence. Let’s be a person of excellence, and let’s let people expect that of us, because I think that’s going to help us get to our next destination, healthy, wealthy, and happy. Let’s do things in excellence

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