How to develop LASER LIKE focus!

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How do you develop laser-like focus? Bruce Lee said, “The successful warrior is the average man that has laser-like focus.”

As you well know, there are so many things coming at us today — Facebook, Instagram, notifications, SnapChat, YouTube. How many of us have been caught in a three-hour YouTube binge and felt terrible afterwards? We have to stay focused, because things don’t get done.

Now, I know we have goals. It’s nice to have goals, but if you don’t have daily execution, things aren’t going to get done.

Here are a few tips to help you get even more focused during the day. Number one is find time for you. It could be early in the morning, day, late at night when everybody else is asleep.

Two is you want to work in 45-minute chunks, and then take a 10-minute break. You do four or five of those a day — you’re going to be really productive. You’re not going to know what to do with yourself. I think one of the things on taking a break is drink water, have a snack, whatever — but if you can be consistent for that 45 minutes with no distractions, then you can get a lot more done because you get that mental momentum going. Literally, it takes 11 to 15 minutes when you get de-focused on something to get re-focused back in the zone where you were. If that happens a few times a day, you’re totally de-focused, right?

The third thing is eliminate your distractions. Turn off your notifications. I don’t have an Android, but on iPhones, you can swipe up and hit the little moon. That’s the “Do Not Disturb.” Even silent texts don’t even vibrate your phone. You get no notifications whatsoever. For me personally, I’ve turned off my Facebook notifications. I pretty much have most of my notifications turned off. I have to physically go in intentionally and check my social media. I do that — I just do that in off-peak hours, and I know when I have a break, I’m going to do that.

When you think about these things — finding out the best time for you to work for you, blocking off the times and working in blocks and having those breaks and getting that mental momentum, and then cutting off distractions — I’m tell you, you’re going to have a laser-like focused day. String that into a couple of days, and then a week, and then a month, and all of a sudden a quarter and a year. I’m telling you, your life is going to be so much different than what it used to be.

A lot of people get overwhelmed with, “Man, I’ve got to do this whole overhaul on my life.” Just think about this: improve one percent per day. In a year, that’s 365 percent increase. Okay? Just focus on one percent a day.

I hope this helps you arrive at your next intended destination healthy, wealthy, and happy.

Author of the bestselling book Higher Life Design

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