What comes first: Success or confidence?

I had a question the other day my Facebook page and someone asked:

“What comes first, success or confidence?”

That’s kind of like the chicken or the egg, right?

The answer is confidence comes first before success. Now, I understand that you can look at the other ways like, “You know what? When I get successful then I’ll be more confident”.

You’ve got to think about it. How are you going to get the success? The only way, really, to get confident is to fail, is to display courage, right? Really, what comes first, success or confidence? It’s really neither. It’s failure and not doing it right and then figuring out how to do it.

Here’s another thing. There’s this competency-confidence curve. You get more competent on doing something. You get some new skills then you get more confidence. When you get more confidence you get more competent. That starts to happen like that. It starts to spiral up.

That’s also something that happens when you’re working at it, you’re getting in the trenches, you’re learning what to do, what not to do, all these different things. Then finally you start to gain that confidence to get a little success. Then you get more confidence, a little bit of success.

It’s not all just one thing. You’re not going to get it all just in one shot, right? I just want you to understand something. I want to ask you a question now. What are you working on right now that’s helping you get more confidence? How are you getting more confidence in the moment?

I know there are some of you there like, “I don’t know how”. Then there are some of you there saying, “You know what? I put on some of my favorite music in the morning and I just start shouting out positive things to myself in the mirror”. There are some of you that do that. There are some of you that pray in the morning. There are some of you that have positive thoughts and you start to read affirmations. There are some of you that do that too.

I’d love to hear from you down below in the comments on what is it that you do to kind of get confidence in the moment. What do you think about? Is it something you think about like ten years down the road like who you’re going to be? Is it something that you think about like putting your Superman cape on or your Superwoman cape on? I don’t know, right?

I think a lot of us love to learn from each other. I’ll tell you one thing that I really enjoy about you guys is that you guys play full-out on this page. You guys are watching the videos and commenting. I appreciate all that. Like my buddy GaryVee says, it’s his oxygen. It’s our oxygen. I think it really helps us.

Success or confidence, confidence or success, well, you have to learn first to get that confidence. Then you get that confidence before you get the success. You’re always going to the next level. There’s that curve, that competency-confidence curve that you’re always doing, like an infinity sign. You’re always doing that. I hope this helps you arrive at your next intended destination healthy, wealthy and happy. Comment below. See you soon!