What to do when you get burned by life

What do you do when you get burned? There’s a story that talks about a cat that jumped on the hot stove, got burned, learned his lesson, never jumped on the hot stove again. But guess what? He also never jumped on the cold stove, either.

Have you ever been burned by life, and then it made you a little gun shy?What should you do when that happens? Because it is one of those things where it happens in relationships, it happens in business, and it really sucks. We have to learn from that.

Every time we come up against a struggle, we can’t just stop. I wouldn’t be where I am in life if I just stopped at every struggle. Some of you guys might not know this, but I’ve actually been through two divorces.

I’ve been through two relationships that didn’t work out, but now I’m happily married for five years, going on six. I have two beautiful kids. If I would’ve said, “Relationships don’t work.” Guess what? I wouldn’t be happily married right now. I wouldn’t have two beautiful kids. I wouldn’t have the life that I have right now because I said, “Well, it just doesn’t work.”

I know, I get it. There are times in our lives where you might say, “I got burned. I’m just going to shut it off, and I’m just going to be single for the rest of my life.” Or, “I’m not going to ever start a business.” Or, “I’m going to just have a job for the rest of my life.” I don’t know what those things are for you, but I think that we just need to calm down for a second and think about, “Okay, what really happened? What can I learn from it?” Then, “Can I live to fight another day?”

I think that the more struggle you go through and the lessons that you learn, you’re able to help more people and give back more. Heck, maybe you don’t have kids, but when you do have kids, you are going to be able to share with them these stories because guess what? Our kids are going to have struggles too. Obviously, if you have kids now, that’s something you could share with them, whether that’s now or maybe later on when they get a little older.

I think it’s part of life. I think it’s normal. I think, yes, it doesn’t feel good, but it’s something that, hey, we all get burned. I tend to trust people very quickly; that’s just the way that I am. That has burned me a lot, more times than I would like to share. But even though that’s hurt me, I continue to be giving, I continue to be trusting, I continue to have that abundant mindset. It has gotten me very, very far in life.

It doesn’t make me feel good at all when I get burned and that I go internal and I close myself off. Think about this, when you close yourself off and you start blaming other people and you’re mad at the world, guess what? The world doesn’t care. The world doesn’t care, and I had to realize that. I had to say, “Okay, great, I’ve got to get over myself and just get moving again.” You know what? You have a lot to offer! We all have a lot to offer the world and the people in our lives.

Let’s get back on the saddle. Maybe you’ve been burned on something just recently; it’s time to get back on the saddle. If you have to have a conversation with somebody, have that conversation. Have that crucial conversation, set those boundaries so that doesn’t happen again, but it’s time for you to get back on the saddle and do what you’re supposed to do to get your life where it needs to get to.

I hope this helps you arrive at your next intended destination healthy, wealthy and happy. Get back on the stove!

Author of the bestselling book Higher Life Design

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