Los Angeles Photowalk: 1 day highlights

The top L.A. photo must-have shots, from the beaches to glitzy 90210 & Hollywood, and ending up at the Griffith Observatory.

The “L.A. in 1 Day” #Photowalk video: top photo highlights of Los Angeles.

I had this idea that since so many tourists come to L.A. (nearly 50 million), and they all try to cram as much in as possible in a day, why not show how to get the top photo highlights in a morning, afternoon and evening.

So we created a Photowalk with just the beaches of Venice and Santa Monica, a swing through Beverly Hills, the Hollywood Walk of Fame and the Hollywood Sign, and end with the best city views L.A. has to offer, from atop Griffith Observatory.

The #Photowalk covers surfers, ocean waves, huge palm trees, ritzy store displays, stars, famous names in cement, iconic buildings, and amazing views. Grab those and you’ll get Instagram worthy shots to light up your social media.

Watch the video above to check it out.

The tour begins here, at LAX. Photo by Jefferson Graham
It all ends here, at Griffith Observatory in Griffith Park. Photo by Jefferson Graham