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What happened last night: Senate Republicans voted to gut the budget from portions of the ACA that are funded with taxpayer dollars. They did this because they can pass these budget changes with a filibuster-proof simple majority. That is what they got. Now, House and Senate committees have until January 27 to introduce repeal legislation. This is not a firm date and will likely be bypassed as it’s obvious to us all that the Republicans have no idea how they are going to replace the ACA. But this sets the stage so that when Republicans are ready, they can gut the bill with ease. Also note, this still has to be passed by the House as well, which seems likely to happen tomorrow.

Because only budget changes can be passed in this way, this DOES NOT affect provisions of the ACA that protect coverage of preexisting conditions and coverage of young adult children by their parents. Those are not budget issues, and they require a separate vote; in order to truly gut these provisions, they need to have a replacement plan, and they don’t.

<b>There seems to be information missing from the Think Progress article providing a more complete picture. It seems the Republicans are quite disciplined and focused on what they want to accomplish. They have the repeal all figured out. Just what is going to replace this?</b>