Waking Up in Concord, Praise for Two Great Lydias + a Response to Alex Beam
Radio Open Source

Shared a link to Chris’ podcast with friends on FB. I added a little precursor calling them to listen and go deep. Still I’m worried and a little devestated that they’ll blow it off. Poof. Long form? Tracendelists? OMG! My friends are academics, creatives, dreamers and actors and they need this thing, desperately. But will they allow themselves this clarity? I hope. I wonder if Pico isn’t the most important man alive right now. Chris, thank you. I think that YOU are our Thoreau. And I think you are our sign spinner (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BpyZqW0ukuY) and wonder genuinely if you might be the real antidote here.

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