No that is not spelled incorrectly. It is simply errands that I run with Erin.

Today I was picked up from school by my cousin Erin. She decided to take me home after she took a shower. (All she did that day before picking us up, was sleep. Something I need to do.) So as she took a shower, I finished Rob and Chyna, it wasn’t what I expected. It was very bland and boring.

Anyways, after the long hour of her putting on her face, I decided just to do some errands with her. And doing Errinds is one of my favorite things to do.

We first had to drop of her sister at an appointment, then go to Verizon and get a carwash.

But during those Errinds we talk. And that’s when she updates me on what happened, ever since the last time I got to see her.

A lot has happened since I talked to her. And sometimes I feel bad for not giving her any updates. I’m not that very interesting in the first place. School, is something that I just do on a daily.

Get to school, sit, listen, and get through the day. Notice that socializing isn’t part of the schedule. It’s not that socializing is hard, it’s just putting myself out there that’s hard.

Anyways, Erin is one of my favorite people, because she straight up tells the truth. She doesn’t pull back anything. She says it like it is, and it may be hurtful, but it better than lying to your face.

Aubrey once said “I got fake people showing fake love to me, straight up to my face, straight up to my face” and that’s something that Erin is most likely not be doing.

If I had to describe Erin in three words, it would be: GENUINE, PERSISTENT, DETERMINED.

Genuine because she says what’s on her chest.

Persistent because she gets stuff done.

Determined because when she says she will do something, she will find a way to get that shit done.

Just someone who is dear to my heart.

-Jeff 11:11