Today I got to see my cousins. And my cousins are my favorite people in the world. Being together and just spending time with each other just brings me joy and happiness that I can’t explain.

My cousin Johnny recently got into college and has been distant for a while. A few visits here and there, but not for long. This week is Thanksgiving break, and he get to be with us for a week.

My other cousin Eric, recently got a job in the hospital, and he has been working his ass off. Go Eric! He has been working so much recently that I feel like it’s a treat to see him!

When I was younger, I was the youngest out of 13 cousins! And being the youngest means get a lot attention and means that you won’t be alone.

And once everyone started to go to college and getting big boy/girl jobs, I became distraught. (It all started with my cousin Janna.) I was so used to being around so much family that I only get to see them on special occasions.

And when those occasions come, I try and soak it all up, before it ends. And sit there patiently waiting for that next family event. Every person has a special part in my heart, and the memories that I make with them will never leave.

Family is something I cherish and won’t take for granted, because when all things fail, there will always be people there who can bring you back up.

For this week, up until Thursday, I will start writing about things that I am thankful for. And as cliché as it sounds, of course family had to be the first!

With love,


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