How to get AED training

Readers may now be convinced that automated external defibrillators (AED) are invaluable; certainly, stories like mine show just how important defibrillators can be and how every second counts. But how do you get trained on them?

You can find training centers for AED use from The American Heart Association. They have both CPR and AED training. If you call 1–888-AHA-4CPR you should be able to find the nearest training location. It’s important to know that you can actually use an AED if you have to without any training. Most AED devices actually have audible voice prompts that guide the user in the process and help you to know what to do next.

Research has also shown that 90% of the time the AED can detect the irregular rhythm, and correct it. That’s quite a statistic when you think about someone’s life being on the line. Even just knowing about AEDs can be helpful. If you see someone who appears to be having a heart attack, you should yell out and ask if anyone knows where the nearest AED is. Even if you aren’t the one who ends up using the AED, you may have set off the course of action that will help others.

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