Pricing page updates

  • How big is your practice? [select from pre-set options]
  • How many patients do you see on a monthly basis? [select from pre-set options]
  • How long have you been in practice? [select from pre-set options]
  • what is the existing conversion rate of each type of subscription?
  • i.e. does the professional covert better, and if so, does it convert significantly better than the essential? I ask b/c introducing a third option adds complexity to the UI, so what would highlighting the Essential (as the most popular, like many other subscription-based sites/apps) do to the existing conversion rate?
  • what might this do to the business as whole?
  • if more users are opting for the essential, then maybe it’s worth it
  • does the Essential sell itself enough? Not much info about what comes with it
  • it’s assuming the user is very well versed with what comes in the product up to this point
  • is there opportunity to get more information about the users practice in the signup flow (just 1 question) that can inform the pre-suggested plan?
  • reasons for not subscribing — — where did this info come from? most likely a follow-up contact when the trial period ends?
  • for the users who mentioned price, have you pushed them further to see if the $15 price point might have changed their minds?
  • how successful is the current onboarding process in converting trials to paying customers?
  • i.e. what % of these users convert
  • why do the paying users convert?
  • is there an AHA moment(s) for them?
  • which types of users most often convert?
  • what leads most users to sign-up?
  • could be many things for different types of users, but this might highlight opportunities once they start using the product to focus on to more quickly show value in the product
  • for paying users, what were they fearful of when deciding to pay?
  • this could help uncover some FUD that we could do more educating on for the subscription page
  • what is the existing workflow of pushing users to upgrade?
  • outside of them doing this on their own, what triggers are there?
  • i.e. emails, in-app notifications, SMS, etc.
  • do paying subscribers care what the plan is called?
  • or do they just care WHAT is costs + WHAT is included?
  1. They “didn’t have time to learn the software”… which I also take to mean that they did not engage with the product enough to see value in it.
  • is there opportunity to extend the trial period one time?
  • if so, maybe we ask them what they really need help with, then refocus the walkthrough process around this specific need(s)
  1. The price is too high
  2. Their practice is too small… also meaning that they cannot justify the price.
  • notify these expired users about the new price point?
  • urgency for existing trial: how much time left
  • verbiage for title could be more useful / guiding
  • for lower price points, show what is included on others with line-through
  • social proof of WHY to subscribe
  • how has this app improved other customers business’
  • how has this solved / alleviated X, Y, or Z
  • add chat — allow users to get answers right away
  • interactive UI to help guide you to the right model
  • how many people in the practice?
  • how long in business?
  • monthly revenue?
  • number of patients
  • number of recurring
  • order the price points based on what we know about the user?
  • i.e. if we know they have X clients, or $X amount in monthly billing, then highlight the Professional plan
  • lead with comparison UI instead of price-point UI?
  • FAQs at bottom (links from each feature to here?)
  • schedule call for each plan — — — — — focus
  • build a UI that allows and encourages users to pick & choose what they need, thus building their own plans
  • not beholden to pre-defined packages, price-points

Lover of minivans, web designer and front-end tinkerer; product designer @simplepractice. A rad dad with 15% less mohawk now.

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Jeff Doan

Jeff Doan

Lover of minivans, web designer and front-end tinkerer; product designer @simplepractice. A rad dad with 15% less mohawk now.

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