Tips and Tricks to upgrading to the latest and greatest Quasar version!

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At work, I just finished upgrading/porting a 17k+ lines of code Quasar SPA project from v.17 to the latest v1.2. This took just over a week (52 hours logged).

In this article, I will give you information to help you port you your own projects. Hopefully, they are not as big as mine was, so your time to completion will be faster.

First of all, Quasar v1.2 is spectacular. The code in version 1.X has been rewritten since v.17. It is faster and more suitable for development with many more components. And, there still is the added benefit of using the Quasar CLI, where a lot of the difficult grunt work of setting up and building cross-device applications is done for you. …


Jeff Galbraith

Software Engineer, mentor, architect, problem solver since 1988.

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