While it’s extremely important that every person learns how to grow and uniquely differentiate themselves, everyday leaders recognise this is best done by contributing to society and global ecosystems. They acknowledge that humans can’t thrive in isolation, but rather, thriving is something we must do together.
The natural essence of (human) flourishing
Ash Buchanan

This is so good, Ash. I happen to believe there is a Creator behind the evolution of the universe and that you’ve so eloquently described His integrated nature, which the world now also shares, including all of us humanity. When that integrated nature is fully realized humanity flourishes.

Poverty, for example, is a result of isolation. The integration you describe could end poverty for one life or for an entire society. But when a person is unable to connect the dignity of their unique contribution to the world and those around them and her Creator, or systems forbid that dignity from coming to bear, the grip of poverty will never loosen.