Is it Too Late to Start Writing?

Every day, someone emails me asking me the same question: “Is it too late?”

They want to start a blog, but worry that ship has already sailed.

They dream of writing books for a living, but wonder if that’s even possible anymore.

They hear my story about how I started writing online years ago and how I turned it into a successful, full-time career as an author, speaker, and blogger.

But does this stuff still work?

Why you can still succeed as a writer

It’s a valid question, but in my mind, a silly one.


Because every year, I meet hundreds of people who do it — who start a blog or begin writing even though they feel like they’re late to the game. And I watch as these people apply timeless principles to their writing careers and succeed.

Yes, I did this a few years ago and succeeded — at a time when I felt like the Internet was a crowded place and there wasn’t any more room for another blogger or writer. But more importantly, I see people do it every year, every month, all the time.

Why does it still work?

Because the world is still hungry for more great work.

Because there’s still one story we haven’t heard yet, one idea we haven’t seen: Yours.

So it’s time to give us what you’ve got. To share your gift.

It’s not too late.

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