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Let those 2 stats sink in for a second: 
~99% of Startups FAIL… Despite ~100% of Entrepreneurs BELIEVING They Will SUCCEED… 
  • …Therefore, YOUR assumptions (about YOUR startup) simply should NOT be taken as OBJECTIVE or reliable — because ALL entrepreneurs feel that way about THEIR startup.
    Optimistic Assumptions = Bad!
    Objective Indicators = Good!
  • …Therefore, unless/until you have achieved one of those Reliable Objective Indicators and/or proved your assumptions... we believe it is most often a MISTAKE to quit your job and/or to go “All-In / Full-Time”

We know that many startup veterans will roll their eyes at this, but (based on the stats and rationale above), we strongly recommend…


  • …Proof of Concept?
  • …Proof of Assumptions?
  • …Proof of the V in MVP (Minimum VIABLE Product)?
  • …Proof of any Reliable Objective Indicators — of above-average (~1%?) success likelihood?

** NOTE: Please add “at least INITIALLY!” each time you see “Part-Time”

(Please, READ ON! — Even/especially those who just rolled your eyes because you adamantly believe “You’re not a REAL Entrepreneur unless you’re All-In / Full-Time!”)

Whether your current “full-time” job is in Corporate America, already with a startup, or as a full-time student, we look forward to introducing you to the many potential benefits of PART-Time “STARTER STARTUPS!”
We believe the idea of “you must be all-in / full-time” (on one startup) is not only an over-rated notion, but also somewhat outdated — from a time (just a few years ago!) before the cloud and AWS and WordPress and Shopify and Upwork and Google Analytics and Facebook Ad-Targeting and countless other services making it MUCH easier/faster/cheaper to launch and test MVPs ( — Sacrificing Weekends And Nights)
SMART Investors don’t invest in one company; they diversify their portfolio to mitigate risk and increase chances of overall wins. We believe that startups / entrepreneurs should (initially!) do this too… (


(For “STARTER STARTUPS” and Our “PART-TIME PURSUIT Of PROOF” Programs & Improvement Initiatives)

  • Objectivity Over Optimism
  • Entrepreneurial Self-Awareness
  • Complementary Co-Founders
  • Bootstrapped / Self-Funded / Low Overhead
    (at least initially, “prior to proof”)
  • Risk-Mitigation (not risk glorification & celebration)
  • Entrepreneurial Employees
  • Shared Resources / Economies of Scale
  • Blurring the lines between Products, Content, Marketing
  • Anticipate Pivots BEFORE you’re forced to
  • A-B Testing isn’t just for marketing! A-B Test EVERYTHING — even Potential Pivots (on your core product!)
**PRIOR to Proof (…of Concept, of Assumptions, of MVP Viability, of Reliable Objective Indicators), not only can you not know if you have better-than-average success odds, but, can you even really know whether you’re working on something that is likely to be regarded as a “Startup” vs. a “Lifestyle Business” vs. a “Small Business” vs. a “Side Hustle”… Because all of those labels are traditionally based on growth metrics that you can’t truly know in advance, without the benefit of hindsight… (More on this later)

- Crawl → then Walk → then Run (Initially modest revenue goals: $100k to $1 Million — not $10 Million, not $100 Million, not Billion-Dollar Unicorns!)

- PART-Time Pursuit of Proof (…of Concept, of Assumptions, of MVP Viability, of Reliable Objective Indicators…)

Our “ Strategies & Improvement Ideas/Initiatives” will be at the core of our ambitious (ridiculous?) plans for 2018 and Beyond… →
Wait, What?!

ADDITIONAL BENEFITS (of working with us)

All of our “18 Starter Startups in 2018” will, at least initially, be a part of and “The WHATEVER Network”, allowing each to benefit from:

  • Shared Resources, Economies of Scale, a Cross-Promotional “Network” Effect:
  • Our Secret Sauce / Competitive Advantage:’s “IDEA+++ Methodology” (from our ~15 Years Experience / Expertise with 40+ Viral Successes reaching 495+ Million people!)
  •’s opt-in database of 1.7 MILLION fans of our (past/present/future) “Rejection Hotline / Humor Hotlines” business — all legally subscribed (MMA-compliant, double-opt-in process) who have requested to receive updates when we launch new stuff!
  •’s Programs & Competitions
  • The benefit of MANY additional Strategies, Thoughts/Theories, and Improvement Ideas, for example:
Full Column Soon — or ask Jeff wtf he’s talking about — but that should be enough to get you thinking…
(Please get in touch if you’re interested/intrigued and/or want to work with us PART-time!)

In Conclusion: Contact Us / Work With Us!


Our 18 “STARTER STARTUPS” are all PITCHING FOR PARTNERS — initially privately (contact us for info: and then more publicly (later in 2018).

3 Years of Thinking/Writing/Planning: (Entrepreneurial Epiphanies) (Thoughts & Theories) (Improvement Initiatives) (“We make Sh*t Go Viral” Secret Sauce)
Part-Time “Pursuit of Proof” Premises & Programs: / /
Practicing What We Preach: /
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