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NOTE: Original Plan was to simply interview Founders of 500 Failures, to get a statistically relevant sample size to look for similarities, patterns, or common themes in their stories, experiences, mistakes, and lessons learned. We have now interviewed 1000+ but we still like the “500 Failures” name, so the new goal is to interview 500 EACH YEAR!! [more details soon — info@StartupWhatever.com to discuss]

We asked 34 students to give an honest self-assessment in 16 areas (ranging from overall intelligence to creativity, from work ethic to leadership), with instructions of:

I’ll come back to this column when I have more time to elaborate more on what the point was, what the results might imply, and why we think #SelfAwareness is so important — particularly for entrepreneurs!
[Editor’s Note: Who are you kidding?? — you have 237 columns just like this one that you’ve been planning to come back and edit or finish for years! And, weren’t you planning to write a book? And start a podcast? How’s all that coming along? Yeah, that’s what we thought.]
[Editor’s Note #2: Dear “Editor’s Note #1” — Shut the F up! …

Entrepreneur/Startup STRUGGLES & FAILURES (~99%?) tend to be quiet/private — shared with a very small circle of close confidants (5? 10? 20?)

So (of course!) there is an incredibly skewed perception of just how many entrepreneurs and startups are struggling and failing (~99%?) compared to the success stories (~1%?)…

While you might hear (or speculate) the reasons for failure by any 1, 2, or 5 individual entrepreneurs/startups, the reality is that, on a macro-level, almost NOBODY is hearing the real/full stories of a large enough percentage of the failures to be able to extrapolate anything even close to enough statistically relevant data to look for patterns and trends (among the ~99% failures) without just guessing at causation vs. correlation and/or how well your 1, 2, or 5 examples represent the rest of the ~99%.

I’ll continue this at some point — and try to clean-up some of the confusing parts…

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“Professional Buzz-Kill” as Provider of Brutally Honest (“Tough Love”) Feedback for Entrepreneurs. Viral Product Creator (and Preacher of “Viral Thinking” & “Viral Math”). Most ADD Entrepreneur in America (and it’s cute that you probably think that’s hyberbole; www.IamADD.com) // Past: The Rejection Hotline & HumorHotlines.com / Present: “ReThinkingStartups.com” & “ReThinkingWhatever.com” / Future: The “Starter Startups” Movement, MultipleBaskets.com, TheWhateverNetwork.com

“Professional Buzz-Kill” as Provider of Brutally Honest (“Tough Love”) Feedback for Entrepreneurs.
Viral Product Creator (and Preacher of “Viral Thinking” & “Viral Math”).
Most ADD Entrepreneur in America (and it’s cute that you probably assume that’s hyberbole; www.IamADD.com)
Past: The Rejection Hotline & HumorHotlines.com
Present: “ReThinkingStartups.com” & “ReThinkingWhatever.com”
Future: The “Starter Startups” Movement, MultipleBaskets.com, TheWhateverNetwork.com

2 Areas of Expertise:

    I created the original “Rejection Hotline” & 50+ other VIRAL VENTURES (collectively engaging 495+ MILLION people) and I enjoy sharing my (XX years of) Experience/Expertise, Lessons Learned, Techniques/Tips/Tricks & some “Secret Sauce” #AndAnAlliterationAddiction
    NOTE: I can’t promise you will be making things go viral after meeting with me; but I CAN promise you will have a much BETTER shot at it.
    P.S. And, even if you will never actually create anything that is truly/mathematically viral, I have an entire presentation on how the application of “VIRAL THINKING” to regular NON-viral marketing (and even the slightest increase in your “Viral Coefficient” numbers) can have a dramatic impact in lowering your Customer Acquisition Costs of your paid marketing/advertising campaigns. …

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Anyone can talk/write about MICRO-level reasons why this particular entrepreneur/startup struggled…

And anyone can talk/write about specific circumstances surrounding the failures of any given (individual) entrepreneur/startup.

But the one (or 3? or 10?) first-hand or second-hand accounts that many have seen/heard/experienced simply isn’t a large enough sample-size to identify patterns or draw any statistically-relevant conclusions to help current/future entrepreneurs — particularly each new year of young and/or first-time founders.

I’ve now interviewed 250+ entrepreneurs, observed 500+ more from close range, and I’ve now seen 1000+ startup pitches and I‘ve become borderline-obsessed with identifying the MACRO-level reasons, the 10,000-feet view of the patterns and most persistently-pervasive problems & pitfalls that are persistently plaguing young and/or first-time entrepreneurs year after year after…

It’s also a “Happy-Horsesh*t Hindsight” sentiment (unless you have a Time Machine)

Yes, of course we all like to SAY:

“I learned more from my failures than I did from my successes”

“It’s not about how many times you get knocked down, it’s how many times you get back up”

“Live and learn… Nobody said it would be easy… It’s always darkest before the dawn… [blah blah blah]”

But, let’s be honest…

*IF* we were given a time machine, wouldn’t the vast majority of us simply choose to learn all those same lessons, but WITHOUT the Stress/Struggles & Mistakes/Miscues… WITHOUT the loss of so much valuable Time/Money (and Sleep/Sanity)… and WITHOUT all the soul-crushing Knockdowns, Breakdowns, Hardships, and eventual Failure…???

[Editor’s Note: The greater the struggle, the cooler the retrospective success stories tend to be. …

ABSURD (Absurdly Accurate?) ANALOGY — Re: Experienced Entrepreneurs Who Just Watch as 1st-Time Entrepreneurs Fail at the Same Rates & For the Same Reasons We’ve Seen Over & Over for Years!

First Half of Analogy:

“Oh, no! You got hit by a car?!?

Was it perhaps a silver 2015 BMW X3…?

…that ran a red light at the corner of Piedmont and Peachtree…??

…on a Tuesday, around 9:07am…???”

— Wow! Yes, that’s exactly right! How did you know that?!?

“ LOL… No surprise there — we’ve been seeing that exact same thing happen just like that for years!! It’s a shame nobody tried to warn you.

Oh well. Sorry to hear it happened to you too. Good luck with those broken legs!”

— WTF?!

— VS. —

Second Half of Analogy:

“Oh, no! You’re shutting down your startup?!? …

An ongoing series of PART-Time programs and competitions with customizable focus areas: **StartupWhatever.com **MarketingWhatever.com **ViralWhatever.com **ReThinkingWhatever.com

Please contact info@StartupWhatever.com for more info and/or to get involved with any our stuff!

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VIDEO OVERVIEW (of Premises, Programs, Products, etc.)

(3min 45sec — but feel free to skip and scroll down to continue reading)

  • #JoinUs for our “LAUNCH & LEARN” Programs!
    AGENDA: 1) Strategic Premises/Philosophies of PROGRAM; 2) Viral Premises for 64+ PRODUCTS; 3) Questions/Discussion; 4) Form Teams; 5) Pick Products; 6) Get Started!!

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Back in the ~1700’s, the average life expectancy was ~35 (horrific by today’s standards!), but it wasn’t really seen as “a problem” because that’s “just the way it [was]” so most people couldn’t even fathom a world where we routinely live to be 80, 90, or 100+.

Now, let’s talk about today’s horrific ~99% failure rate for startups — that we somehow accept as “just the way it is”?!?! NOTE: It’s difficult to solve problems if we don’t acknowledge there are problem to be solved!

AT THE TIME — without the benefit of hindsight — was anyone back then thinking like: “Hey, maybe people would be living TWICE AS LONG if we had… better sanitation? immunizations? access to clean water? …

Prepare to have your mind blown in 3… 2… 1…


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There are MANY business benefits — shared resources, economies of scale, etc. — as well as many sneaky reasons they’d prefer we not know…

Enterprise owns both National and Alamo… ??
Avis owns Budget, Payless, and Zipcar… ??
Hertz owns Dollar and Thrifty… ??

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“I just booked a flight… Oh, cool, here are 3 different ads for 3 different rental car companies…”


This is ONE ad spot — disguising itself as three ads!


What do all of these products have in common?

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“ReThinking Startups”

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