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WE BELIEVE… that many entrepreneurs will only recognize later, in hindsight (and/or with a Time Machine?!?), what some of the things ARE that they don’t yet know/understand initially! #Deep


[As well as aspiring Entrepreneurs open to the idea that there are things you can learn (now), to proactively prepare “Future You” and reduce the regret so often associated with looking back and lamenting:
“I wish I knew THEN what I know now!”

From BIG…

(Tech Startups? Web/Mobile Apps? Software? Hardware? B2C? B2B? SaaS?)


(Side Hustles? Print-on-Demand Tshirts? Selling products on Amazon or Etsy? Influencers or Content Creators on FB/Twitter/Instagram/TikTok/etc.?)


  • Yes, of course, most of us learn(ed) A LOT from failure.
  • BUT, that does NOT mean failure is/was the IDEAL way to learn
    (*IF* it is/was avoidable?!?)


  • …that many/most entrepreneurs’ failures are NOT because “they don’t have what it takes to be successful” — but, perhaps because they don’t have ALL of “what it…

We asked 34 students to give an honest self-assessment in 16 areas (ranging from overall intelligence to creativity, from work ethic to leadership), with instructions of:

Compared to your peers (the other students at this event), how do YOU feel that YOU compare to THEM?
Don’t over-think it. Just answer HONESTLY. We ALL have Strengths AND Weaknesses!

I’ll come back to this column when I have more time to elaborate more on what the point was, what the results might imply, and why we think #SelfAwareness is so important — particularly for entrepreneurs!
[Editor’s Note: Who are you kidding?? …

Entrepreneur/Startup STRUGGLES & FAILURES (~99%?) tend to be quiet/private — shared with a very small circle of close confidants (5? 10? 20?)

So (of course!) there is an incredibly skewed perception of just how many entrepreneurs and startups are struggling and failing (~99%?) compared to the success stories (~1%?)…

While you might hear (or speculate) the reasons for failure by any 1, 2, or 5 individual entrepreneurs/startups, the reality is that, on a macro-level, almost NOBODY is hearing the real/full stories of a large enough percentage of the failures to be able to extrapolate anything even close to enough statistically relevant data to look for patterns and trends (among the ~99% failures) without just guessing at causation vs. correlation and/or how well your 1, 2, or 5 examples represent the rest of the ~99%.

I’ll continue this at some point — and try to clean-up some of the confusing parts…

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