White People Are A Little Too Damn Happy About Trevor Noah vs. Tomi Lahren
David Dennis, Jr.

I do not have a problem with anyone of any color protesting. Especially when it concerns valid issues. Like shooting suspects who are unarmed, or running away from a police officer. Or protesting a pipeline line going through burial grounds. In my opinion there is no excuse for either plain and simple!

The problem I have is the way people are protesting these problems. Blocking roads, looting, burnings buildings, and throwing rocks, and molotov cocktails at police officers. All of these brilliant minds with college degrees across our country don’t have a clue on how to eliminate this unlawfully protesting.

Well guess what I do! This poor white boy without a college education has a great idea. Stop holding protests on public roads, and start bringing organized protests to buildings only. Like arenas, centers, and stadiums in between scheduled events. This will supply protesters with a safe place, in a climate controlled atmosphere with bathroom and concession facilities. A place that can be properly policed, with a weapons check at the door.

These protesting events could be scheduled and covered with local, and national media. You could have influential speakers who would bring home specific points, instead of a mob chanting four word rants.

Would the protesters go along with a controlled atmosphere away from specific locations? Maybe, maybe not. But I for one would sure love to see some cities with the help of state aid, try to sponsor organized protests to eliminate the unwanted violence, with loss of life and injuries. Really attempt to start bringing peace and end racial tensions, and inequalities in our country. There is no reason why everyone can’t be fairly represented!

With extreme weather conditions fast approaching what a great opportunity to change possibly forever the crude, and barbaric way of protesting. I hope and pray this happens for everyone's sake.