Gabriel Piemonte Is A Solid Choice For 5th Ward Alderman — I Would Know, I Used To Work For Him

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For three years I worked for the Hyde Park Herald, then led by editor Gabriel Piemonte.

I haven’t lived in the 5th Ward for a few years since then, and I can’t speak to the specific problems it faces today. But I’ve been watching Gabriel leap into politics, and I can vouch for his character.

He’s a man who takes people seriously — whether or not they hold an esteemed title. He’s friendly. And he’s a good writer, which means he’s read a lot, which means he knows a lot about many different things.

Most importantly, he listens. For him, people’s voices are important simply because they deserve to be heard.

In a city where everybody takes money from just about anybody — where as Mike Royko once said, even a man’s birthday could be put to a political use — Gabriel takes public servants and their obligations seriously. For him, the democratic process is much more than a formality.

In my time at the Herald, he showed me that everybody’s worth listening to, even in a system that says they aren’t. The corner protest attended by just a handful of people; that neighborhood fellow who’s a little bit quirky, and then some; the dogged entrepreneur who endures a years-long legal battle with city bureaucrats — they’re your neighbors, and that means they matter.

That’s why Gabriel is a solid choice for 5th Ward alderman. He’s never held office, but I know he will listen.