Can Shopify and DTC Be the Next Retail Leader?

“The orders poured in from everywhere…so that the company became an economic force. It could make or break suppliers by promoting their products. It could dictate terms on manufacturing. Its headquarters city boomed as this tech-driven retailer built huge warehouses and factories and attracted other business and rivals. State and local governments complained that the company was harming small-town retailers.”¹

A description of Amazon and its power as a transformative force in retail? No. The above quote was a description of Sears at its peak written by the New York Times Editorial Board. Today, Amazon is the preeminent force in e-commerce and, some would argue, retail in general. With over 100 million members signed up for their Amazon Prime program — accounting for roughly half of all online retail sales going through the Amazon platform — and arguably the best customer experience in big retail, Amazon is hard to avoid, not that many customers would want to do so. …


Jeff Hennion

co-Founder & Managing Partner of Woodside Ventures. Former CEO of JEGS / CMO of Dick’s & GNC. Briggs & Stratton Board. Advisor at Listrak, Maker, and others.

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