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I assumed the part where I said I was coming in at the tail end of the project makes it clear that I’m their new dev.

Discussion of rates notwithstanding, and again, I’m not trying to fight with you — we’ve actually met in the past but you don’t remember and that’s fine — Looking at the app that was built for them, I don’t know what they paid for. It looks like you stood up a fairly standard Rails app and then sent emails asking for content for a year. I’m not assuming anything, I’m talking about the work as it looks right now. And what I’m looking at right now is not ten grand worth of work.

I agree that Mariusz is in the wrong regarding how he spoke to you. I’m not assuming you decided to rip him off, but if you’re not actively working on a site because content’s not forthcoming, at some point you stop invoicing.

They paid every bill you sent, no? I’m not sure why this is such a nightmare scenario for you. You got a couple of bad texts, a nasty voicemail, and ten grand. And you talk about this like the man harangued you every day for a year.

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