Writing a post on the Medium mobile app

This is the first post I’ve written using the Medium mobile app. So far I’ve written a few posts on Medium, mostly as an experiment to reach a different audience and try the platform. The user experience of Medium (web version) is the best blogging experience I’ve had. Ever. And I’ve heard the same about the mobile app, which is why I’m writing this from it.

The first thing you notice is how easy it is to start writing.

Just like the web version, the mobile experience gets pretty much everything out of the way and lets you start writing. In an age of “more is better”, I find it refreshing to distill the experience to its core.

The core features you need when blogging — fonts, quoting, linking, and media — are all right at the bottom of the frame. That’s it. Writing up top, those four options at the bottom. Clean and succinct.

As expected, adding a photo was simple. Btw, these are a few gifts I ordered recently for family members from the Dragon Army store.

Well, not much more to test. Oh, I’m doing this on an iPhone 6+ by the way. It’s a great experience, as expected.