How to make a bad situation good in 10 easy steps!

My mistakes are full of value and daily I rise above any limitations.

All of our experiences are keys to a new door, and a stepping stone to conquer any situation. Life had become out of control for me recently. Nothing was in alignment with what my heart sought. You know there is something out of sync when you don’t celebrate your successes and all your achievements leave you feeling empty. I had to do something and I needed to do it quick. I now have made that creative idea apart of my inner guru-ism and when I need to get in touch I totally transform and endulge in extreme Self Care

First Things First:

I needed to be in a different place literally, so I made plans to travel. I find it’s during these moments I connect with my center. I hoped on a plane and went and got in touch with me on some deep blissful ish. After some profound soul searching I can say aaa mazing like amazing grace the song. I was totally galvanized by everything that I experienced especially gaining more knowledge of self.

Second Thing:

During my travels I revisited areas in my life where I found clarity, and became fully aware of what I want and don’t want, like and don’t like. What I’m willing to accept and ready to let go of. I realize all things change but work together through acceptance. My bigg huge Aha was that my internal was not matching my external and what I needed to do to put these two royal reigns in alignment. Such fullfilling work that I myself professionally used with others and negated to use with myself. The beauty in this is that life gives me lemons and I made strawberry lemonade.

Third Thing:

I began to speak affirming words over my life period point blank. I’ve realized that part of my passion and purpose is speaking and serving others by the way of dialogue that empowers one to rebirth from the ashes and soar. One of my problems were I spoke an gave so much that I didn’t save any of the good stuff for myself. My affirmations changed my life, and I began to create freely and effortlessly by these positive gestures once again. Do the negatives thoughts surface? By all means yes and I acknowledge that with a blessing, and a keep it moving #mindset which equals a win win situation.

A life spent making mistakes is not only honorable but more useful than a life spent doing nothing.” George Bernard Shaw

Are you ready to Win?

We all are so I like to share 10 positive thoughts to uplift your inner guru. Because we have a guru deep down inside.

1. You are Worthy of all things good.

2. The universe yeilds itself to support you. Lean into that!

3. We live in a Yes world.

4. No’s are for your good. Accept them with gladness.

5. Ask and it shall be given.

6. Forgiveness is a gift. Give it!

7. Be open to new experiences as all things end up being right for you.

8. You are connected with something bigger than yourself. Thats huge all by itself.

9. There is always enough.

10. Your inner wisdom is one of the ultimate keys to your blessings.

Bonus: Gratitude unlocks the door to your blessings

I hope that these positive thoughts blesses you as much as it has blessed me. I would love to hear from you as always.