Why This Radical Leftist is Disillusioned by Leftist Culture
Bailey Lamon

Thank you, Bailey Lamon. By simply expressing your views, you have become a journalist hero of mine. I consider myself a leftist, and at least something of an activist, in the sense that my job consists of working with the severely mentally ill and their families every day. So I hear exactly what you are saying about the realities of helping disenfranchised people versus the academic fantasies of doing so. What I relate to, more painfully, but all the more importantly, is your disillusionment with all of the cliques in leftist culture and the very real “fascism” that you describe. What I have witnessed recently on Face-abandon-all-hope-of-genuine-discourse-book recently is more what I would call a fundamentalist mentality overtaking many of my liberal friends regarding, of all things, the Clinton/Sanders primary. Essentially, what I see happening, more and more, on the Clinton side, is a “you’re either with us or against us” mentality, particularly directed, by female supporters of Hillary against male leftists, such as myself, who have ANY criticisms of Hillary whatsoever. Criticize Hillary? The patron saint of feminism??? Fuck you, you male chauvanist pig! It doesn’t really matter if I happen to have known, and been friends with — I thought — the liberal, activist woman for years, and supported all of the same pro-woman causes. Since I have a penis, and I venture to disagree, in the sense of preferring Bernie Sanders, and — oh my gosh — suggesting that Hillary might not be so honest as her commercials say she is — I get labeled. To me, it all seems so familiar… Like the same bullshit that women have been going through whenever they tried to speak up about something. Don’t get me wrong: I have never been one of those white guys who is constantly complaining “Man, us straight white males are the most oppressed people in the world right now,” as I step out of my Corvette to go to my golf game and talk to my buddies about the “pussy” I scored the night before. I was actually confronted by a guy like that on Facebook recently, who lambasted me for my support of the Syrian refugees, and was a little bit shocked that he (still) existed. All I am affirming is that being any sort of activist does not confer special privileges on anyone regarding courtesy or honesty. As you pointed out, as liberals, we are a minority. Why aren’t we working together?

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