This weekend, a domestic terrorist killed 11 while they were steeped in prayer — because they are Jewish. …

Intentionally separating families is objectively wrong, and we must fight it vigorously. …

I’d like to take a minute to respond to your open letter calling for an Internet Bill of Rights. I thought I’d share some thoughts on innovation and competition, from one CEO to another.

At Twilio, we have publicly supported open and accessible communications principles for the last decade. In contrast to the apparent narrow support for an open internet that you’ve offered in your letter, we at Twilio believe that an open internet can only endure and thrive under a full set of net neutrality principles.

That’s why Twilio has supported the framework established under the 2015 Open Internet Order as a significant first step for current and future policies. But it wasn’t enough. Even after the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) established net neutrality, wireless carriers and internet service providers like AT&T continued to apply blocking, throttling, discrimination, and content-based degraded network performance to different kinds of their subscriber traffic. …



Entrepreneur, CEO and cofounder of Twilio.

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