Build, LAUNCH, Refine

Quit chasing perfect and launch already!

You’re tired— exhausted even, from three months spent building an amazing new product or service for your clients that will revolutionize the way they run their business.

The trouble is, you are so close it’s paralyzing you. You’ve passed all the big milestones and have just a few remaining details, but it seems like as soon as you finish those out an equal number of new ones come in. Just a few more details, just a few more details, just a few more details.

Suddenly it’s a month later, and you still have “just a few more details.” You’ve hit the perfection trap, the idea that you can’t launch your new product/service/idea until it’s absolutely PERFECT. The trouble is, that will never happen. Here’s where great opportunities go to die.

You see, the longer that great idea lives in the shadows, the more time passes where it’s not being refined based on real world data and usage. That means you’re making more assumptions, not to mention giving competitors the time to catch up.

Don’t Build-Refine-Launch.

Instead, Build. LAUNCH. Refine.