Commit to Less, Own it More

Time is a non-renewable resource, spend it on what will have the biggest impact

As entrepreneurs, we often have the habit of saying “yes” to things out of enthusiasm for the idea, the merit of the person bringing the concept to us, or just because we’re anxious to dive into something new. It’s in our DNA.

It’s also often not the best approach.

The highly successful generally are so because of their ability to execute, seeing endeavors through to completion and success. The more items you focus on, the harder it is to see any one through to completion, and the more likely you are to end up with a multitude of “almost finished” work.

1. Take on fewer projects
2. Rock each one harder
(you’ll now have the time)
3. Be more successful.

Not sure if you’re doing too much right now? Take an index of how much time you spend on each project, startup or idea you are pursuing currently (RescueTime is great for this). Chances are it will quickly become clear what are the opportunities, and what are the distractions that should be removed.

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