Some of what you say is right but the idea that a six month investigation should “let the reader…

That’s why I can’t believe I brought out the balance trope. I do think there is a lack of intellectual honesty in coming up with a story at the end that has so little to counter the findings of the reporting. As Bezos himself says, if this is such a hell on earth why — in a very competitive job market — would anyone but fucking idiots work there? So in essence, The Times presents anyone who stays as said fucking idiot. That’s what doesn’t ring true to me.

It’s another matter to talk about fucking hell jobs at Wal-Mart, McDonald’s, etc. Those employees are miserable and would go elsewhere if only they could. Not so at Amazon. In the air-conditioned offices (as opposed to the hellishly hot warehouses), these are well-educated, privileged, in-demand workers.

What I’m saying in the end is that The Times’ reporting would be far more credible to me if I saw that other view through the prism. But I saw only one view: “We visited hell.” The other view — and the devil gave us some patsies to talk to — doesn’t count as a view. That affects the credibility of the reporting in the end.

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