2016 Goals Review, 2017 Goals Preview

Let’s get right to it. 2016 Goals in review:

  • Blog more regularly. Nope. My 2016 goals post was the last one before this one.
  • Post regularly to Stuff Magnified. Nope. 5 posts over the whole year when I wanted to do weekly.
  • Fit into my wedding suit. Sort-of. I wore it to the Google holiday party, but I definitely did not hit the meta-goal of “prove to myself that I could lose weight if I needed to”.
  • Ride in the NYC Century Bike tour again. Success! I did only okay at doing my exercises, but I hit the end goal completely.
  • I also had a secret goal of getting a new job, which I did, at Google!

Despite hitting almost none of my stated goals the year was pretty good:

  • I’m almost fully recovered from my 2014 injury that made it so I couldn’t ride my bike and made me worried that I might not be able to type.
  • I made a physical board game up to the point of play-testing it with people.
  • My wife and I went on several great vacations. We got to pet and play with a penguin!!
  • I’m much happier in my work life than I was a year ago. Google seems like a better fit for me culturally and technically, and four of my oldest friends also work in Google’s NYC office.
  • I listened to 20 Audiobooks, most of which were great non-fiction books. Only two were things I’d read previously.
  • I listened to The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up and it really was magical. I got rid of a ton of stuff that I’d been pointlessly holding onto for years (decades in a few cases). I already got rid of things pretty aggressively, but I still felt lighter afterwards.

I think the problem with my goals in 2016 is that I was trying to do a lot of things that I’m bad at. In 2017 I’m going to mainly double-down on things that I seem to be good at or that really matter to me.

  • Remix a song. This is the furthest from something I’ve done before, but I think this is doable and will make me finally learn a little bit about music.
  • Only eat dessert at work once per week. Only get a slice of cake outside of a restaurant once every other month. I think this is a more achievable eating better goal than last year. If you’re wondering why I’m singling out cake, it’s because I live and work in a wonderland of amazing bakeries and most other desserts don’t appeal to me.
  • Better mental resillience. I’ve been noticing that I get mentally fatigued after a few days in a row of social activities, or half a day of doing stuff on vacation. I’m going to adopt a new mindset (my regular mindset!) around these things and not let them drain me so much.
  • Much more biking. I want to bike 50 miles per week on average every week I’m in NYC. That will include two bike tours, the Five Boro Bike Tour and the Century Bike Tour. If I feel physically capable I should do the ~50 mile route instead of the 35 that I’ve done previously.
  • Make a new board game. I should also create a “professional prototype” of it rather than the simple print and play version I made for my last game.
  • Shut down all of my old projects that I’m never going to update. That includes Stuff Magnified and MongoAlchemy. It might include this blog since paying $60/year for my yearly update post seems a bit wasteful.
  • Listen to 24 Audiobooks. I bought 24 credits from Audible that I need to use in the next 12 months, so I’m committed!
  • Attend my local community board meeting at least 4 times. I’ve been meaning to do this for years, and this seems like a good year to get more involved in my community and the political process.
  • Get a performance review one level up from my last one at work. Until I’m performing slightly above the expectations of my job level I’m going to have lingering doubts about how well I’m doing.
  • Support more people and organizations. This is mainly charities and non-profits, but it also includes supporting the media organizations that are valuable to me and that I use regularly.

I think that’s it. I have a lot more goals than last year, but I think I’ll do better since I’ve been more careful in formulating them.

Originally published at www.jeffreyjenkins.ca on January 30, 2017.