2017 Goals Review, 2018 Goals Preview

2017 Goals Review

  • Remix a song. Nope.
  • Only eat dessert at work once per week. Only get a slice of cake outside of a restaurant once every other month. I think I moved in the right direction on this, but I don’t think I got down to once.
  • Better mental resilience. Success! I was able to change my mindset and do a lot more activities without exhausting myself.
  • Much more biking. My goal was 50 miles per week. I haven’t done the math, but it looks like (excluding an injury that stopped me in December) I probably hit 40. I did the Five Boro Bike Tour and Century Bike Tour. I only did the 35 mile route on the Century, again, because I felt like I hadn’t trained enough.
  • Make a new board game. I worked on this quite a bit, but I didn’t produce anything which I could even play-test.
  • Shut down all of my old projects that I’m never going to update. I shut down MongoAlchemy and moved my blog to Medium rather than paying for a service for my extremely infrequent posts. I did not shut down Stuff Magnified. I made an Instagram account for it and decided to revive it.
  • Listen to 24 Audiobooks. By the time my Audible credits would have run out (mid January) I’ll probably hit 16–17 books. This turned out to be hard to do since I listen to a lot of podcasts.
  • Attend my local community board meeting at least 4 times. Nope.
  • Get a performance review one level up from my last one at work. Done!
  • Support more people and organizations. Charitable giving is way up, and I’m paying for several news subscriptions to organizations I think are doing good work.

I don’t feel too bad about the things I didn’t do since I took up pottery this year and have sunk a lot of my creative time into it.

2018 Goals Preview

  • Produce a full set of plates and bowls (at least 4 of each). Trying to produce usable plates and bowls will force me to get better and more consistent at pottery.
  • Try to get promoted at work. Unclear if I will, but I think I should try this year so that I definitely get it done next year.
  • Run at least one NYRR race and build up to being able to run a half marathon. I’d like to run the NYC Marathon at some point, but I’m not in good enough physical condition yet.
  • Post 52 times to Stuff Magnified. If that project isn’t dead, I need to keep adding content.
  • Make a new board game. Same as last year’s goal. I should produce something playable with real pieces rather than just print-and-play.
  • Eat more healthy foods. Not necessarily fewer unhealthy ones, since I think I do OK on that.
  • Plan and host more gatherings with my friends. I did some of this in 2017 when I set up a board game night, but I’d like to do more variety and include people who aren’t interested in board games.
  • Make a passive biking tracking app. I bought an iBeacon last year for this but never did it. I want to make an app which will track my bike rides by turning on tracking when my phone is near my bike (which would have the iBeacon attached).
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