Goals for 2016

In 2014 I read (or listened to) 52 books in 52 weeks for a group challenge I signed up for at Foursquare. I also did both the 5 Boro Bike Tour and the NYC Century (35 mile route), which required a lot of biking to prepare for. I’d originally planned to do the 50 or 75 mile, but an injury prevented it.

In 2015 I learned Go and created an open source project, dispatchd, which I committed to once per day for 92 days straight. I also created a board game and worked on it at every opportunity until I’d play tested it enough to be happy with it.

For the most part I’m not good at motivating myself to work on projects. I’ve got a long, long list of projects which are either partially completed, basically abandoned, or euphemistically in “maintenance mode”.

It seems like when I set a goal for myself that requires frequent but small amounts of work it’s easier. I feel like this is pretty normal advice — certainly it’s very common for frequent bloggers to give themselves a strict posting rate — but I haven’t ever purposefully set out to do it. This year I’m going to try to change that. Here are my goals for the rest of this year and the small regular steps I’ll use to accomplish them:

  • Blog more regularly. Every Wednesday I’m going to write a blog post with what happened in my week and interesting media I’ve consumed. I’m also going to set a reminder for the first Saturday in every month to write a blog post that’s more substantial than a news update (this is that blog post for May!)
  • Post regularly to Stuff Magnified. I’m going to post something I’ve magnified every Monday. I also might switch it to an Instagram account since it seems like that’s where more people who look at images are now.
  • Fit into my wedding suit. The less concrete goal is “prove to myself that I could lose weight if I needed to” since my food will-power is terrible. To accomplish this goal I’m going to cut out basically all desserts, eat more green label foods than yellow/red labeled by volume, and pick the fish protein option rather than the meat one when available.
  • Ride in the NYC Century bike tour again. This is my most complicated goal since I need to avoid re-injuring myself as I train. To accomplish it I’m going to:
  • Do upper back and arm strengthening exercises daily (or as prescribed by a physical therapist)
  • Ride CitiBike to work every morning
  • Go for a longer ride (say, 10 miles) once per week to test my ability to do duration riding

To give myself some accountability I’ll also include what I’ve done for each of these goals in each weekly update blog post.

Originally published at www.jeffreyjenkins.ca on May 8, 2016.