No, he was no such thing at all.
Dmitry Fadeev

Dmitry Fadeev: When the cold war ‘ended’ America lost a partner it had (unknowingly) grown intimately dependent upon. As you point out the writer described Nemtsov and ended up describing more about himself (i.e. that he was unaware of the real situation in Russia) than achieving his aim. By using an example he is clearly ignorant about, the author’s premise is undermined through guilt by association.

The Nemtsov point is wrong and by virtue of its association with the argument it as a whole may also be wrong. The reason why the writer used an example from Russia to prove a point about America was cheap rhetorical ploy. A ploy playing to subconscious bias deep set within the U.S. sociological ecology.

For me it is a measure of ignorance that most people understand that the slide toward fascism is connected to Trump, such willful ignorance. The general who became president described it plainly . Dwight Eisenhower called it the military industrial complex.

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