Trump, ‘Alternative Facts,’ and Abuse
Sara Benincasa

“I do not regard anyone in the Trump Administration as a victim or a survivor.”

You betray more than a passing familiarity with the triumvirate of survivor — victim — collaborator. Is it truly impossible for you to slip into the skin of an Administration worker (empathy) and imagine yourself, the why’s and where of’s that led to your position. Is it so impossible that you could be both a victim/survivor and a member of the Administration.

I believe it to be point of import. A red/blue line of demarcation where if it could be traced back from then a reason would be found. A reason that would explain why people (who should know better and who used to know better) are unable to hear each other. If such a reason is not reasoned the cycle of pretending to listen to each other (a kin to the cycle of abuse) will continue to deepen.

Only the strong have a stomach for such empathy. Only through such empathy can the back of the cycle be properly broken. During this period of paralysis the society is being ransacked

We cannot make peace with our friend, we can only make peace with our (perceived) enemy. The first (empathetic) step must be taken for the current paralysis ought not be allowed to continue for the sake of all concerned.

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