In Defense of Punching Cops
The DiDi Delgado

I found this piece of work through ‘In Defense of Banning The DiDi Delgado from Medium for Advocating Violence Against Cops’ — thank-you, So, good things can come from ignorant thought police minions. The ‘Banning DiDi’ article fits nicely into the shifting measure of what passes for liberal.

Liberal canon posits that it is through a vibrant market place of ideas — the ideas of DiDi Delgado inclusive — that society maintains it’s health through constant reform.

Unfortunately, the illiberal minority have shifted the goal posts of left/right. The goal posts have been shifted so far that even when they lose — they win. If the powers that be see through the facile argument to ban Ms Delgado, she will still come off as radical: thus positioning her as outside normative social values rather than as representing normal/proper social values. Surely ‘In Defence of Punching Cops’ is a story of right versus wrong. A story where doing the right thing could of had the ultimate price but which in the end had a Walt Disney happy ending.

Rather than seeing the jist of the story the book burner or rather DiDi banner is unable to accept the heroic ‘Pig Slayer’ and therefore DiDi Delgado must be banned. Myself, I think the descriptive ‘pig slayer’ is hyperbole which does a disservice to the art of the story but I will not quibble over the artist’s choice. The book burner does not just quibble with the the artist but wants to kill the art (cutting it off from the audience) and that is the coda of fascism.

On the one hand the fascist encourages - “ So, Medium just in case you want to take one small step that might bring on a little bit of much-needed communal reflection,” repeat ‘much needed communal reflection’. Not just reflection but “communal reflection”. While Medium is to encourage reflection they are supposed to also “ban her black ass and lay her Medium account out in the street.”

As an aside: I have always appreciated and been a wee bit jealous of the fascist’s use of language.

At any rate, how are Medium supposed to encourage ‘communal reflection’ while at the same time barring one of the opinions which is reflective of the community- go figure. Such is the rational of fascism. If you do not reflect what the dominant group says then you are outside of the community and beyond the pale.

The liberal west has behaved like lobsters in the cooking pot. The temperature of the water is fine. By the time a problem is noted it is too late — we are fooder for the feast.

Instead of critcizing Ms Delgado and threatening her we must throw our support and our collective muscle into her corner. It will be leaders like her who will see us through the long night. We will require the likes of DiDi to show how we lost our way and how the path of righteousness will be regained. We must be reminded that democracy is best lived and breathed day in and day out. Democracy is not a theoretical premise but rather a treatise on how to live life, a life well lived.

For surely those who have a shred of awareness must realize that the path we are on has led us into a box canyon. Just as no one hears the lobster scream no one will be able to help us once we reach the end of the canyon we have entered, that is why we are lost if we do not avail ourselves of leaders like DiDi Delgado.

In a perfect world we would not need leaders for it is because of our dependence on leaders that bad things happen to good people. I know that when we finally live in a democratic society we will no longer depend on leaders but that time is not now. Now is the time to array for the struggle to come. Before that time we must reach out to those who are our friends and family who have drank the koolaid [tm] (reference to Jim Jones).

To those who have been swayed to the dark side:realize the cost of your choice, which was not a choice at all. You were duped by fear (after 911) and ignorance (the dumbing down of America). Rejoin the human family and make ready to protect the weak,the sick and the disadvantaged.

If enough citizens can be swayed from the dark to join the struggle for democracy then the fascist’s will crawl back into the hole they came from. If we do not sway a critical mass of the citizenry then when the bulk of us reach toward the end of the box canyon then the long knives will be drawn and used but ‘do not go gently into that good night’ (Dylan Thomas).

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