How I Accidentally Became the World’s Greatest Fake Russian Troll
Nicholas Grossman

It is a lesson in physics akin to the double slit experiment.

It is funny but still …, there is something distinctly not funny about the dynamic at play. 4chan @ =2. Wizardry performed by a non wizard unable to predict the ramification of the process set in motion. The result could be…., “The next thing you know ‘ol Jed’s a millionaire” (quoted from the intro to The Beverly Hillbillies) or the result could be he cold war dance partner has morph…., “Death comes in a blinding flash of hellish heat and leaves a smear of ash” (quoted from Simon & Garfunkel).

I am reminded of the Poetics, Aristotle’s famous study of Greek dramatic art, in the work Aristotle describes in detail the path which good successful tragedy must take. when Aristotle turned his mind to comedy his brain was unable to dis entangle the coda of comedy he was at a loss. Comedy is an unpredictable beast with several variables at constant play. What is funny here/now may not be so funny a year from now.

The cold war dance partner has morphed into a joke.

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