How to Survive He Who Lost the Popular Vote
Jessica Berlin

Of course you right about having a civil conversation with the Trump type. Unfortunately such a thing is easier said than done. I have tried it — several times, with varying degrees of success (and increased blood pressure).

I can usually use empathy to get such difficult tasks done, in this case the technique (so far) has not worked. I am open to suggestions I do hate failing. I am going to try humour next. Make a joke about, well, o.k.,

Hillary and B.S. (Bernie Sanders) are sitting together in a bar and the waitress comes to the table and says “ Excuse me Ms. Clinton your husband is in the back room and needs your help” HC says “I can’t help him right now — I left my strap on at the orifice.”

I realize I am off colour but I think that may be the direction to go in order to break the ice with The Trump type. Either way, you have to do the research in order to achieve the goal and remaining in paralysis is not an acceptable colour option.

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