oh my god, you Processors all repeat the same strawman.

Embiid is not 3–5 years from being a superstar. He is already a top 20 player in the league IMO. I think we are 1–2 years away from being a serious contender. Have plenty of cap space to sign a max player to be a legit wing player alongside Simmons and Embiid. Roco, Noel, Saric are great role players. TLC is also developing rather nicely. They aren’t nearly as far off as you claim. They are playing great basketball as of late. Top 5 defense in January is pretty impressive for a team “5 years away from being a contender”

Also 1 good player (Jrue) 2 below average players and no draft picks to speak of is a pretty barren roster/asset situation. Sure losing is easy but to build up the assets and make the trades Hinkie did was pretty smart and impressive. Sure we the Process trusters use the same lines a lot but it’s because we are using facts about the situation. building team culture LOL. That culture sure switched fast when Embiid got here. It’s almost like you should devote everything you have into getting a player of his caliber.

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