Go on explain how Embiid is not a bust, don’t worry, I’ll wait….
Brian F

He’s only been in the NBA for three years. Not sure how you can call someone a bust after that short of a time when injuries have hampered his ability to make it on the court. He will be back after the all star break and resume playing full time. When on the court he is a generational defensive talent and has a full package of game on the offensive end as well. They will eventually remove the minutes restriction after this year and he will play upwards of 30 min a night. He stats when he plays are telling. Look at him on the court vs him off. The difference is remarkable. If you’re calling him a bust because he didn’t play the first two years is laughable. Any GM would love to have Embiid on their team. If you argue any of that you just don’t know basketball and I don’t have time to read your opinion. I would love to see what you have to say in response to that.

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