that culture started to change once the team actually could stay competitive in games due to having…

PG: Mcconell Process

SG: Staukas Process

SF: Covington: Process

PF: Ilyasova: Colangelo

C: Embiid: Process

6th Man: Noel

7th Man: Henderson: Colangelo

8th Man: Dario

So 6 of the 8 top players were all on the roster before this season. So yes one player does change the culture from the “d league players” I wasn’t talking about next year as a contender. I meant 1–2 years as in 2018–2019 when they are going to start making a big push towards contention. Sorry i worded that poorly. Also i think Lowry, Hayward, and Jrue could seriously make a change to this team next year. Lowry and Hayward are probably going to stay with their teams. Jrue, I think has a legit shot at coming back to Philly. Beyond that the FA class is good. I don’t remember the specific names but i believe one is Klay andhe sure would fit in nicely with this squad shooting off ball like he does now.

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